Nutrition Programs

Our Mission

  • As a small family owned and managed care home our mission is to offer everyone the time, care, warmth and friendship necessary to make this a home.
  • We place high value on the fact that every single one of our residents care needs and desired experience is different. We want everything we do in the home to be driven by their needs, abilities and aspirations.

Our Vision

By putting quality, care, professionalism, teamwork and partnerships at the heart of everything we do, we strive to be the most highly regarded nursing home and care provider for the elderly.

Our Values

  • We believe in people, not patients, and every resident is special and valued
  • Every resident, and the care we provide for them, is unique
  • Our professional work is led by the principles of kindness, empathy, dignity, integrity, respect and trust


  • To provide a warm, comfortable, safe and engaging home for up to 25 permanent residents.
  • To provide skilled medical care in a similarly respectful atmosphere to our Medicare residents.
  • To provide adequate training, mentoring and recompense to our care giving staff to create job satisfaction.